Environmental analysis of the development of photovoltaic power generation industry
According to the photovoltaic power generation industry analysis, by the end of 2017, the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation in China reached 650 million kilowatts, up 14% year-on
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Key points of heat treatment of aluminum extrusion die
1. The quality of heat treatment of aluminum extrusion mold directly affects the service life of the extrusion mold. The die is quenched by “+” multiple times to achieve the hardness requirement.
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Leakage prevention and control measures during the production and installation of aluminum doors and windows
The standard clearance around the door and window and the wall of the hole should be controlled between 25mm-40mm, the maximum size should not exceed 50mm, the minimum should be no less than 20mm, the window frame and the outer wall surface have a certain distance, otherwise fine stone concrete should be used. After pouring and trimming, it can be installed and constructed.
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